Roaming Life

Whale cave in Penghu
2018年一月21日, 14:37
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“There was a man, who is in pursuit of figuring out the fact of life, wandering along cliff on a windy afternoon.
The tide surged onto rocks as if some ferocious monsters want to devour their preys; on that day it was a thick haze like a veil obscuring the horizon.
After few hours of pondering, he supposed he has conquered the complicated problem which has haunted him for several years. Then He went into the cave like a world, capturing the sight which came into his eyes.
At that moment the world reversed, the gale appeased, but non-stopped heart beats came clear again, which sound as thundering, and brought him back to the fact of life.”

A Dream of Whale cave

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2018年一月21日, 14:24
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How can I express my sorrow?
The whole world is so broad to which extent I could not go through with my feet.
However, the thing more complicated, more limitless, more unfathomful, than the world is my mind.
My heart is as stubborn as stone is. It couldn’t be softened by words, it is stick to move for a road God is not allowed.
I am struggling every moment. My appeareance seems to be no discenible trace left.but my heart ached under every disguised smile.
My every contemplation could not reach far, it was interrupted by sentiments.

Do you know my thoughts?
Do you know the situation which I was eager to share with you?

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